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A Project of indian/international foundation for vedic science and Nadi Vaidya kayakalp

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​     2020:  12664 till Marh



(An Year-long campaign launched to sensitize people on the importance of protecting the environment and the planet earth from the scourges of pollution and global warming through Ashvamedha Yaga)

Time: From Phalguna Sukla Astami i.e. 2 March 2020 - Phalguna Sukla Saptami 2021


​Nadi Vaidya Kayakalp,

Gali No. 5, Vinaya Nagar Opposite Sector 1, Second entry,  Near Hundai Show Room, Rohtak-124001  

​​​Keeping in view of the significance and relevance of Yajna in the present circumstances of growing pollution, global warming and deepening ecological crisis, Nadi Vaidya Kaya Kalp and Indian Foundation for Vedic Science have come forward to launch a worldwide campaign to sensitize people on the importance of protecting environment and the planet earth from global warming by conducting an year-long Ashvamedha Yaga commencing from 2 March 2020. The smoke of Yajna and the vibrations of the mantras to be recited sa-svara (with their prescribed melody) by Vedic scholars coming from all nooks and corners of India will make the whole environment surrounding the venue of Yajna healthy, peaceful and harmonious.

All those who want to cure themselves of their mental or physical diseases and attain peace of mind and prosperity can come and attend the Yajna with prior intimation, so that they may be accommodated as per sitting arrangement. Those coming from far and wide and foreign countries will be provided free lodging and board by the organizers.   
If you want to attend the event, give your Arrival and Departure information here:

We are pleased to inform that A S Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago led by Sh. Vijay Bachan has also accepted this challenge and collaborated with the Indian Foundation for this noble cause. The Trinidad Foundation will be launching a big campaign in their region for pollution-free, safe and healthy environment on the planet earth.  

We give a clarion call to all fellowmen on the earth who are concerned about the scourges of pollution and global warming to join this golden mission and offer their oblation in this Mahayana. The Atharvaveda says: Bhumi mata puro'ham prithivyah, i.e.The planet earth is our mother and we are her children. So, save the mother earth to save yourself. Protect the environment to protect yourself.

 A brief writeup about the significance of Ashvamedha Yaga in the contemporary context is appended here. The same will also be available for the benefit of the seekers and will be made available at the venue of Ashva Medha Yaga.

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​The programme schedule of Sa-svara Mantra path during Ashvamedha Yaga remains as under

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Let us have a dating with Vedic past for the bright future