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A Project of indian/international foundation for vedic science and Nadi Vaidya kayakalp


Ayurvedic Health Kits

Nadi Vaidya has launched following Ayurvedic health kits. Each kit contains medicine for 15 days. A patient will start recovering during administration of the first kit itself. If he feels like recovering, he can continue medicine for another period of 15 days. He can take medicine for a maximum period of six months until and unless he recovers completely.   

1. Kesh Rasayana kit (for treatment of hair fall, hair loss and strengthening the roots of hari) 

2. Diabetes Ayurvedic Kit
3. Headache Ayurvedic Kit
4. Cervical Ayurvedic Kit
5. Piles Ayurvedic Kit
6. Fatness Ayurvedic Kit
7. Bones ache Ayurvedic Kit
8. Pneumonia Ayurvedic Kit
9. Influenza (Nazla) Ayurvedic Kit
10. Heart disease Arya Kit
11. Skin diseases Ayurvedic Kit
12. Abdominal disease Ayurvedic Kit
13. Insomnia Ayurvedic Kit

The buyers from USA, Canada and Europe can order health kits

The buyers from India can contact at this email:

In addition, We have prepared quality standard Ayurvedic medicines and other products which are useful in various problems related to health. Following are our special products. 

It is advised that all the medicines or products cited below should be used only after consultation with the Doctor/Vaidya.

Sr. No.        Our special Ayurvedic Products available

 1.                Vedic Katu Arka                            

2.                 Punarnava Arishta                 

3.                 Khadira Arishta                      

4.                 Bala Arishta                           

5.                 Lavanga Asava                     

6.                 Arvinda Asava                       

7.                 Lauha Asava                        

8.                 Draksha Asava                     

9.                 Lodhra Asava                       

10.               Mahamanjishtharishta          

11.               Rohitikarishta                        

12.               Triphalasava                         

13.               Bhringa Rajasava                 

14.               Patrangasava                       

15.               Sarsakta Arishta                   

16.               Ashvagandha Arishta            

17.               Mutrantaka Vati                     

18.               Tamra Sindura                      

19.               Shahad (Honey) Rasayana  

20.               Dahi (Curd) Rasayana          

21.               Shuddha Gandhak                

22.               Trikuti Saindhava                  

23.               Medohara Vati                       

24.               Chandana Asava                  

25.               Yavakshara Adi Churna        

26.               Shothantaka Vati                   

27.               Plihantaka Vati                      

28.               Gokshuradi Gugglu               

29.               Arogyavardhani Vati              

30.               Maha Yogaraja Guggulu       

31.               Ashvagandha Vati                 

32.               Shankh Vati                           

33.               Chandraprabha Vati              

34.               Divya Rasayana                    

35.               Sudhakara Vati                      

36.               Kuchala Vati                          

37.               Nimonantaka Vati                  

38.               Shugrantaka Vati                    

39.               Anvala Rasayana                   

40.               Lakshadi Guggulu                  

41.               Aloe                                        

42.               Kesar Vati                              

43.               Aloe Kaya Juice                     

44.               Aloe Kaya Joint Juice             

45.               Aloe Kids Juice                      

46.               Aloe Diabetic Juice                 

47.               Tulsi Juice                              

48.               Aloe Kaya Slim Juice             

49.               Aloe Kaya Gym Juice             

50.               Aloe Kaya Non Juice              

51.               HIm Danta Manjan                

52.               Sheetal Hair Oil

53.               Kesh Rasayana (Oil for hair growth)

54.               Vedana Har Tela (Pain relieft oil)                                       

Note: 1. Most of the liquid medicines cannot be supplied abroad.

2. Shipping charges will be levied extra.

3. Before placing a purchase order, it is advisable to consult either the Nadi Vadya or get yourself medically examined by submitting details through online  medical examination form.  

4. If you want to buy any of above mentioned products, you can book your order here.

Note: Upon the submission of this order form, you will be informed of the total payable amount including shipping cost. You should pay with in 3 days and submit 'Payment Information' referring to Paypal Receipt no if paid in USD or proof of deposit if paid in Indian Rupees. Upon the receipt of 'Payment Information', your order will be processed.

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