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A Project of indian/international foundation for vedic science and Nadi Vaidya kayakalp


Past Conferences

International Seminar on Vedic Microbiology 2007 

World Spirituality Conference 2012

Spirituality National Conference 2013

Three Day National Seminar on Science and Technology in Ancient India 2014

2nd International Convention on Higher Consciousness 
This convention is going to be held from Sept. 28, 2018, to Oct. 1, 2018, in Philippine. For details click here.  Indian Foundation for Vedic Science is a partner to this event. If our Indian delegates want to participate in this Unique Retreat-Convention for Rejuvenation, Awakening & Enlightenment. Foundation can get them special discounts from organizers. They can contact us by email at <>. So, go ahead and enjoy.

1st International Conference on Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Panchkarma and Medical Astrology 

This conference was organized from October 29-31, 2018 for details click here

Two days International Webinar On Various dimensions of Corona Problem and Vedic Remedies (Medical, Psychological, Social, Environmental and Economic) on 24-25 May, 2020. To know details click here

To attend the webinar on youtube on 24th May 2020 Click here

To attend the webinar youtube on 25th May 2020 Click here

Ongoing International Seminar on Vedic Sciences (2021-2022)

This International Seminar is going to be organized online from 22-03 2021 to 21.3.2022. 
Organisers: Nadi Vaidya Kayakalp, Rohtak, India
                    ​Indian Foundation for Vedic Science, India 
                    International Foundation for Vedic Science, Canada

Organized under the auspices of Vedic Virtual University

Topics of Ongoing Seminar are:

1. Accounts and views of foreigners and foreign travellers on the development of science and technology in ancient India.
2. The Social, religious, cultural context to scientific growth in Ancient India
3. Physics, Astrophysics, Astronomy, Cosmology/Cosmogony, Creation, Space
4. Tempering technology
5. Energy Generation.
6. Seismology
7. BioSciences, Microbiology, Biotechnology (Genetics & Cytology)
8. Mathematical Sciences
9. Sthapatya Veda /Vastu and Architecture
10. Earth Sciences, Geology and Geography
11. Biology (Botany, Zoology)
12. Ayurveda, Siddha, Pharmacy, Toxicology, Food Technology
13. Yoga and Psychology
14. Medical Science and Surgery
15. Veterinary Science
16. Science of Agnihotra
17. Vriksh Ayurveda, Agriculture, Plants, Water
18. Dhanurveda, Martial Arts, Military Science and Airspying
19. Meteorology, Environment and Ecology
20. Chemistry, Colour Science, Science of Smoke/Vapour
21. Engineering and Technology (Civil Engineering, Town planning, Temple Architecture, Computing Science, Instrumentation, Textile,

      Mechanical -Speed Management in Machines, Sound Management in Machines-, Electrical, Communications, Aeronautics, Marine

      Engineering and High Technology)
22. Metallurgy, Glass Technology

Registration for the International Seminar has opened. The interested scholars can register themselves here. The normal registration fee for Indian is Rs. 400.00 and for foreigners USD 10.00

Note: All best papers will be published in the 'Vedic Science', Quarterly International Journal published by Indian Foundation for Vedic Science. 

Let us have a dating with Vedic past for the bright future