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(In the Context of Life, Death and Liberation)

Yoga is a science that was developed in India during the Vedic times by the high spirited seers who unravelled the secrets of creation and life, death and liberation. Today the term Yoga is defined and understood variously. To some Yoga is only doing physical exercise or some postures for keeing body healthy. To others yoga is a spiritualism, to yet others yoga is a religious ritual of meditation, so people have started giving religious colours to the science of Yoga. Now we find new terms like Christians meditation, Islamic meditation. Its the stupidity of highest order. What to say of meditation, now we have the words like Islamic bombs. If the modern science and technology is handed over to these so-called religious persons, they would also develop  subjects like Christian physics and chemistry, Islamic engineering and science. yoga, as conceived by the Vedic seers including its last proponent Pata¤jali, is a complete process of human

Yoga is not a religion : People generally think that yoga is some religious ritual, and so they associate practice of yoga with their religious faith. Yoga is not a matter of faith, but a matter of practice.  

Yoga is science : Science is the systematic study of the external objects in the universe. That way yoga is far more than science. No systematic study is possible without a concentrated mind. And yoga is associated with concentration of mind. There is only one method to attain knowledge in this world, that is concentration of mind. Yoga teaches four stages of concentration of mind. First one is called Dharana, that is focus. To attain any type of knowledge, mind is necessarily to be focused on the objects of knowledge. Once the focus is achieved, an individual passes through the phase of concentration of mind. After mind is focused, one may concentrate his mind easily. This concentration is called as Dhyana in the language of Yoga. These two phases of Yoga are sufficient to attain the knowledge of external things. For instance, a physicist focuses his mind in the lab on the materials he is analysing and through concentrated mind he finds out their secrets. Similarly an astrophysicist brings into his focus with the help of telescope the different stars in the celestial sphere and when he will be able to concentrate fully upon one, two or more starry objects, he unravels their secrets. The entire knowledge of the external has been gained through concentration of mind. But this journey of knowledge is not confined to the outside world only. There is yet bigger world inside which is more hidden then the outside world. The knowledge of inside world cannot be gained merely through concentration of mind. The most funny thing is that the knowledge of inside world requires the study of mind also. So mind studying mind through concentration is not only difficult but quite impossible. For the study of inside world one more tool has been developed by the Yoga scientists like Patanjali and that is popularly known as Samadhi in the chaste Yogic terms. Samadhi is loosing ones identity. Complete loss of one's identity. Complete loss of ahaŠ (literally meaning ego). When the physical creation takes place ahaŠ is created first followed by mind. Mind is only the means of study, so if mind will study the objects created before it, it had to loose its identity completely. And that process is known as Samadhi. There is no parallel in modern science for the terms like Samadhi and ahaŠ. though  but Because, the knowlledge  o there is a subject whose knowledge cannot be gained through concentration of mind only. For that much more is needed. Th   

Yoga is inward journey.

Yoga is concentration of mind within and not without.

Yoga is perceiving self : There is bigger universe inside this body then what we perceive outside.

Yoga is restraining mind and senses

Yoga teaches us that human being is superior. No external object is superior to human beings that we can aspire for. Yoga brings about perfection. When an individual realises that he is perfect. He will not desire for any other thing and all his misery will be gone. Because desires, insecurity and fear is the cause of all misery afflicting human-beings. Through yoga an individual will come to realise that he will never die, then he will have no more insecurity, fear of death. When he will come to realise that he is a perfect being, then he will have no more desires.


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