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A Project of indian/international foundation for vedic science and Nadi Vaidya kayakalp

The Foundation is open for membership. Members from foreign countries are supposed to pay a membership fee of US$ 100.00 per annum. Members from India Nepal and Bhutan are required to pay USD 30.00 per annum. Foreign members are entitled to receive foundation's publications of their choice worth USD 50.00  and Indians USD 15.00 as the case may be free of cost including shipping charges or can get a discount equal to their membership fee if they join any one or more courses during the year of their membership. Membership is renewable annually.
Members can place their free order here. Members are eligible for a 30% discount on paid orders of Foundation's publications (including postal charges). Members are also given discounts equal to their membership fee in the registration fees of the conferences/seminars to be organised by the Foundation from time to time. They get 100% discounts so far as the other services of the foundation are concerned.   

Membership Fee Payment  

Members from India, Nepal and Bhutan can pay in US Dollars for the membership here 

or in they can pay in Indian Rupees by clicking the pay now button here  


Members from foreign countries can apply for membership here.  

Coordinators will be representative of Foundation in their respective regions/areas. The Foundation will operate through them in the area of their jurisdiction.

Following is the eligibility criteria and duties of volunteer coordinators of Foundation.

1. He/She should evince keen interest in ancient Indian civilisational knowledge system.

2. He/She should be a member of Foundation

2. He/She is supposed to make at least 20 members in his area.

3. He/She should introduce the publication of foundation and make people familiar with the aims and objectives of the Foundation .

4. He/She should approach Schools, Colleges and Universities in his jurisdiction for arranging lectures on various aspects of Vedic sciences, culture and history as per the choice of the concerned authorities.

5. He should help maintain a database of Foundation by submitting information on Modern Vedic Research Scholars and Modern experts of Indian Civilizational Knowledge System in the area of their jurisdiction. 6. He/She should also organise workshops/seminars in his areas. The experts will be provided by the Foundation. His out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed from the fee collected from the participants of workshops/courses.

Let us have a dating with Vedic past for the bright future