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First option

Indian Foundation for Vedic Science is pleased to announce online courses on various aspects of Sanskrit Grammar, Veda, Vedic Philosophy, and Vedic Sciences. These courses cover from elementary to deep knowledge of the concerned subjects. They have divided in Certificates, Diploma and Advance Diploma courses based upon elementary to advance knowledge in the field.  The desirous persons shall have to enroll themselves at the link given below. They shall be sent lectures through email for various courses. Individuals who do not have any qualification, even the elementary knowledge in the subject can apply for the Certificate course. After doing certificate courses, one can go for Diploma course in the same subject and after completion of Diploma courses, one can go for Advanced Diploma courses. The candidates will be examined through skype chatting. If they are successful in their examination, they will be awarded certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas in their respective courses. However, these courses intend to offer knowledge in the various fields of the Vedic wisdom, so it is not compulsory to follow these courses for getting some certificate or diploma etc.  The interested scholars can attend these course for the sake of enhancing their knowledge in the Vedic field.

Enrollment form for various courses

Should you want to participate in any of the online courses? Please enroll here.

Second option

The foundation has also come out with another option, those scholars who want to get regular instructions on Vedas, Vedic Exegesis, Vedic Sciences, Vedic Philosophy, Culture, Sanskrit or on of the online courses or other topics of their choice  from the well-versed teacher, they can come to India personally and stay with the teacher in homestay accommodation take instructions individually or in a group of two or three persons. For that, they shall have to pay 600 USD per month/per person. They will be provided free lodging and board along with instructions. Should you want to get regular instructions, contact here 

Third option

The third option is that interested persons and scholars can take lessons on the subjects of their choice concerning, Vedas, Vedic Exegesis, Vedic Philosophy and Sanskrit in an interactive manner through video conferencing. Those interested can contact  here   

Authorized trainers

Indian Foundation is giving courses on various subjects of Vedas and producing trainers for imparting courses on various subjects launched by the foundation. Following scholars have been authorized to give regular courses in their area to those who are interested to take them. After successful completion of the course, the foundation will give them the certificate.

1. Srirang Sudrik, Poona Ph. 9764700320

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