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India has got more than 70 years of independence, but till date, the problems of poverty, unemployment, have deepened. What to say of potable water, in maximum areas, people don't have sufficient water for their day-today needs. More than 30% of people are living below the poverty line who are not able to earn Rs. 27000 per year. These 40 crore people live a fragile life. On the other hand, politicians have turn ed money lords. 20 Million people are jobless. Such a system has developed that corruption is rampant in all quarters. The money that should have gone in the hands of poor people is being accumulated by political parties and powerful politicians and bureaucrats. The police are engaged in giving security to the VVIPs, the common man has no security. Politics has no longer remained a service but has become a job of benefit. Politicians whether MLAs or MPs are eligible for pension even after a term of 5 years. On the other hand, the pension scheme for public servants has been stopped after 2009. Thus the politicians have become the sole beneficiary. Even when they cease to hold Govt. office, they enjoy freebies. They get free of cost accommodations, security and other staff at the cost of taxpayers. Given the statistics of joblessness and poverty, the tax slabs are very high. GST rates are also very high. Toll taxes have not been rationalised. Sometimes the public is taxed more than Rs. 3 per km which is higher than the bus fare. The welfare state is plundering her people. For the namesake, voters are called masters, but the real powers of the master are enjoyed by the servants, the politicians. The poor have no role in policymaking decisions that affect them or address them. A huge amount of money is being spent in the election campaigns. If this money is saved and utilised for the removal of poverty, hunger and unemployment, the countries outlook may change. The elections are being fought in the name of caste and religions. The parties and their leaders don't have the vision to lead the country. To hide the real issues, fake issues, casteism is raked up. The countries that achieved freedom along with us have become far advanced than us.  Keeping in view of this collapsed system, it has been intended to launch a new political outfit to provide a new direction and bring radical change in the old outdated system of the country. 

Party Manifesto (For detailed Manifesto click here)

The salient features of the party manifesto are given below:

1.    Potable drinking water and water for irrigation will be made available at every place. 

2.    Each employable person will be given a job or an opportunity to earn up to 15000 per month.  

3.    Family/small scale/cottage industries will be protected and developed with most modern technical know-how. Multinational

       and big industrial houses will not be allowed to manufacture the products that are manufactured in family/small scale/cottage

        industries.  They may be allowed to market the products of family/small scale/cottage industries.

4.    To improve the quality of the products of family/small scale/cottage industries, cutting edge technology will be allowed to be

       developed in our academic/scientific institutions and the same will be passed on to all concerned family/small scale/cottage

       industries, so that their products may compete in the international market.

5.    100% protection cover will be given to the small farmers and labours associated with farming sector.

6.    Multinationals or big industrial houses will be allowed to manufacture high technology items that are not manufactured

       in family/small scale/cottage industries.

7.    Interests of small shopkeepers will be protected.

8.   The present Bureaucratic system of the country will be abolished and a new system based upon expertise will be developed.

9.   There will be a single-window system in all offices. The officer concerned will have to decide the public or service matters

       himself directly. Files will no do rounds. 

10.  Tatkal Seva with extra fees will be introduced wherein cases will be expedited within  5 days. 5% share of the tatkal Seva will

        be shared with the officials concerned who will expedite the particular case. This way the people will not have to give a bribe

        and will get their works done shortly. In normal cases, the matters will be expedited within 15 days. The officials who will not

        be able to make quick decisions and expedite the matters within the fixed time frame will be relieved of their duties

        and another person will be deputed. This will help curb the corruption rampant in Head offices and other places. 

11.   We generally notice that the police and judges keep attending VIP cases. Thus common men are deprived of the security and

        timely justice required by them. 

12.  Enquiry agencies will be different from the police. Police will refer cases to the inquiry agency so that the people are not

        unnecessarily harassed and tortured by police. The job of police will be to ensure the safety and security to the people and to

        ensure that the law is being followed. Where-ever, they find a violation of the law, they will report it to the enquiry agency with

        proofs at their end, so that the agency may take appropriate action.

13.  Corruption will be eliminated completely. Stringent steps will be taken to curb corruption on the feedback taken from victims.

        There will be a separate helpline to curb corruption and corrupt officials will be sacked from their jobs  and fined 10 times of

        the money taken by them.

14.  Nobody will be discriminated on the basis of caste, creed, race, region or religion.  People will be allowed to follow their

        religions in their homes/houses as their private affair and not in public. Party will consider people as Indians, not as religious

        entities. The party will not support any religion or race. All subsidies given in the name of religion will be scrapped. The

        party will support intercaste marriages. There will be no consideration on the basis of minority or majority, only humanity

        based consideration will be there.

15.   Cow of Indian origin will be declared as National animal.

16.   Antinational activities will not be tolerated even in the name of freedom of speech or religion or region. 

17.   Income tax will be reformed. There will not be any tax till the income of 500000 Rupees per individual or per family member if

        filed by one member on behalf of the whole family. Maximum tax limit will exceed 16%. Taxpayers who are giving Rs. 15000 

        or above per month to various service providers like mali, dhobi, maid etc. will be exempted from tax equivalent to the

        payment made by them to their service providers. These payments will have to be made online in their accounts and should 

        reflect on the Income-tax website 

18.  There will be a 10% cap on GST rates. No item including petrol or diesel will be levied more than 10% GST.  

19.  The pensions of all politicians will be scrapped. They can enrol themselves in pension schemes available to common men

        in society.

20.  Our party will give priority to the rural sector. Rural areas will be developed first followed by urban areas

21.  RDP will first reach out to the last man in the line of poverty, so that he may be brought at par with others. As such, people

        below the poverty line will be helped first. 

22.  Deprived sections of society and women will be given full support to come forward and participate in the governance and

        decision making.

23    All public policies will be made in consultation with or input taken from concerned persons in society and not in AC rooms by

        a few selected Babus who have never faced the problems for which policy is being made.

24.  No country can prosper or progress without education and research. So, teachers and scientists will be given the highest 

        honour in society and the government. They will be paid the highest salaries, so that the cream of the country may be             

        attracted   towards teaching and research work. Teachers and scientists will be placed first in the protocol followed 

        by doctors, engineers and technocrats. Civil servants,  judges, politicians, military personnel, managers, accountants others

        will have a third place in the protocol given the same rank and pay scales.

25.  There will be a zero-tolerance policy on terrorism and support of terrorism in any manner. Terrorists will be dealt with in

        a strictest possible manner. No security cover will be provided to those who will support separatist and terrorist activities.

26.  The public judicial system will also be radically reformed, so that a case may not take more than three months for its final


27.  Everybody will be brought under pension cover in old age. Politicians will be covered under the same pension scheme.   

28.  Toll tax will be reviewed and it will be ensured that toll tax doesn't increase more than 1 Rupee per km. If there happens to be

        the second toll barrier within the rate-range of the first toll barrier. The toll in the second barrier will not be charged. Toll

        barriers will not be auctioned, but the company charged will be the duty of levying will be given a percentage of the total toll


29.  Rules will be minimised and will be written in simple language.  

Clarion Call: We give a clarion call to all like-minded scholars, teachers, professionals, thinkers, students, retired personnel, ladies, young and elderly people who have no vested interests and have a yearning to lead the country to the pinnacle of its lost glory, to join the Rajadharma Party. If you are a poor man, if you are a neglected lot in the society; if you are a downtrodden and deprived; if you are a victim of discrimination and social injustice; if you are suffering from hunger; if you want to become the masters of your destiny;  if you want to rule and lead the nation; if you want to contribute your every mite for the progress and development of your country come and  join RDP which is the only forum for the salvation of all your problems. 

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Activities of the Party
Party has started functioning in various parts of the country. Every state will have its own chapter. One can view activities of the party on the party's facebook page <https://www.facebook.com/RDP2021> here

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Ph. 9313033917, Email: vedicscience@gmail.com

Any suggestion, message or enquiry is welcome.

Founder & Convenor                                                         Party Ideologue
Vaidya Satya Prakash Arya                                                                                      Prof. Dr Ravi Prakash Arya
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