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Planting/Gardening by Sun Signs
The Vedic seers have divided the twelve zodiac signs into six seasons, thus two signs consists of one season. Out of the total 6 seasons three Shishira /late winter (Makara-Kumbh), Grishma/Summer (Vrishabha - Mithuna) and Sharad/Autumn (Kanya - Tula) seasons were considered to be of unproductive category, so they were known as earth and air elements  dominated. Their first half was considered to be dominated by earth element and second half to be dominated by an air element. Since first half was dominated by earth element, so this period was considered to be conducive to the production of roots only. Second half, being dominated by air element, was capable to produce only flowers. Another set of three seasons viz. Vasanta/Spring (Meena-Mesha), Varsha/Rainy (Karka-Singh) and Hemanta/Early winter (Vrishcika-Dhanu) was considered to be of productive category and as such was defined to be dominated by water and fire elements. Their first half was considered to be dominated by water element and second half was considered to be dominated by fire element. Being dominated by water element, first half was able to produce leafy crops. Second half, being dominated by fire element, was able to produce only seed crops. Thus the Vedic seers divided the seasons very scientifically. Agriculture if done following the Vedic way will certainly yield bumper crops of food grains, fruits and vegetables.      
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Note : Planting by Moon or Sun signs is applicable and effective in organic, non-chemically treated soil. There is no substitute for creating a wonderfully rich micro climate by continually adding organic matter to your growing beds. This creates a living system that includes microbes to break down the soil, and adds nutrients and nitrogen content. This is the backbone of healthy, disease resistant plants. Think of your garden as a complete ecosystem that includes life and decay in the soil, the needs of the plants, and insect life cycle as well. Work in harmony with nature to duplicate and replenish the essential elements at the base of the food chain. 

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