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A Project of indian/international foundation for vedic science and Nadi Vaidya kayakalp

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We invite papers from scholars for publication in Vedic Science e-journal. The papers should relate to ancient history of India and world from Indocentric point of view, Vedic philosophy and Vedic Sciences. The papers should be orignal contribution by scholars. Papers/articles can be submitted both in pdf and MS Word file. The views expressed by authors in their papers are their own. It is not necessary for the publishers or editors to agree with them. To submit a paper/article online click here.


1. The Zoroastrians or Parsees - The Forgotten Children of India by Shirang Sudrik  click here to download

2. Einstein's Unification Theory Akin to Photon-A New Hypothesis by Dr. Chandra P. Trivedi click to download 

3. Why does my Child Study Sanskrit? by Rutger Kortenhorst  click here for download

4. Kautilya’s Ideas on Interests, Institutions, Incentives and Yogakshema by Prof. Balbir Singh Sihag 

                                                                                                                                           click here to download

5. Exploring the Origin of Mathematical Economics by Prof. Balbir S. Sihag   click here to download

6. Confucius and Kautilya on Establishing Moral Order for Prevention of Government and Market Failures by

    Prof. Balbir S. Sihag  click here for download

7. Kautilya’s Arthashastra: A Recognizable Source of the Wealth of Nations by Prof. Balbir S. Sihag

click here to down load

8. From Vedic Science To Vedanta by Prof. Subhash C. Kak click here to download

9. Stress Management for Vedic Techniques by  Balaji Deekhitulu PV click here to download

10.  Effects of  Indian Epics in Psychotherapy by Dr B V Pattabhiram & Dr Balaji Deekshitulu P V

                                                                                                                                              click here to download

11. Communication in Samaveda by Dr. Subroto Roy  click here to download

12.  Giza Pyramid and Havan Kund: Scientific and Spiritual Correlations by Prof. Jai Paul Dudeja  

                                                                                                                                             Click here to download

13. An Overview of Primordial, Apaurusheya, Perennial, Universal ‘OM’ Mantra and Its Scientific Analysis

       by Prof. Jai Paul Dudeja   click here to download

14. Islamic Science's India Connection by Prof. Alok Kumar Click here to download

​15. Makara Sankranti by Prof. Ravi Prakash Arya click here to download

16. Scientific Significance of Kumbha Mela by Prof. Ravi Prakash Arya click here to download


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