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A Project of indian/international foundation for vedic science and Nadi Vaidya kayakalp


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Vedic Science Institutes 
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Modern Research Scholars of Vedic Sciences 
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Note: We want to create a complete data base regrding modern researchers on Sciences of Ancient India. If you are such a researcher or come across such researchers whose names have not been included in the list, you are welcome to submit information through 'Submit Your Biodata' option along with the copy of the work, if possible, carried out by you or a particular scholar known to you, so that names of all such scholars may be highlighted for the benefit of the future researchers. 

Modern Vedic Scientists 
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Vedic Scientists of Medieaval Period 
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Ancient Vedic Scientists 
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Vedic Scientific Literature of Bharata 
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Modern Experts of Vedic Civilisational Knowledge System 
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Let us have a dating with Vedic past for the bright future